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A compact Nitrex nitriding system for Lenox Group

The Lenox Group from Bulgaria opted for a turnkey nitriding system from Lenox after expanding operations with a second extrusion press.

N-EXT 412, a compact-size Nitrex gas nitriding furnace for low volume quantities.

The Lenox Group, an aluminium extrusion profiles company, decided to buy a Nitrex turnkey nitriding system after expanding operations with the addition of a second extrusion press to its plant in Bulgaria. 

Reliability of the tools should be improved

Faced with increased production and disappointing nitriding results from third-party processing services, Lenox opted to bring operations in-house to improve die reliability through more stringent quality control.

“Previously, the company sent extrusion dies for salt bath nitriding and gas nitriding, but there were quality issues and results were inconsistent, never living up to customer expectations. Lenox Group experimented with various case hardening technologies in search of the best one, the results of which would be repeatable and consistent with their expectations,” explains Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex.  

Compact-size Nitrex gas nitriding furnace

In the end, the choice fell on the N-EXT 412, a compact-size Nitrex gas nitriding furnace for low volume quantities best suited for Lenox’s production needs. The plug-and-play furnace is a turnkey nitriding system built on a self-contained platform that includes the furnace, control system with Nitreg technology, and an exhaust neutralizer for clean and green processing. Its small footprint allows it to fit into limited spaces within a plant.  

Fast delivery

The new Nitrex system complies with AMS 2750 for pyrometry and AMS 2759/10 for controlled nitriding standards. With a temperature distribution of ±5 °C, it is suitable for nitriding H11 and H13 extrusion dies.

With Lenox Group, the need for a fast delivery also weighed in heavily when choosing Nitrex. The system was delivered and started up in the first quarter of 2022. 

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