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Amag invests in machining of aviation components

Investment in state-of-the-art equipment for processing large-scale aviation components

The new milling machines produce large-scale aerospace components up to a length of 4 metres and a width of 1.6 metres

Amag Austria Metall AG, with headquarters in Ranshofen, Austria, has successfully completed the integration of state-of-the-art processing facilities at the two German sites of its subsidiary Amag components in Übersee at Chiemsee and Karlsruhe, and has taken a major step towards growth and increased efficiency in the production of aluminium and titanium components for the aerospace industry. In total, five new machining centres were put into operation, which are designed specifically for the machining of components intended for the aerospace industry. This investment has its focus on the machining of large-scale components with a length of up to four metres and a width of 1.6 metres. High quality and reliability as well as the dimensional stability of the components are of particular importance.

Increase in productivity and efficiency

The modernization of the Amag components sites in Übersee at Chiemsee and in Karlsruhe is a key component of a strategic master plan and includes investments in infrastructure projects, automation and new plants, as well as the optimization of the material flow. This will lay the foundations for the growth in an expanding market and to increase productivity and efficiency. The new equipment will also help to maintain the Made in Germany quality standard as well as reliability and consequently safety in air traffic.

Amag offers customers in the aerospace industry a unique global value chain, from primary materials (primary and recycling aluminium), to rolled products (plate and sheet) right through to ready-to-install components. With a sophisticated recycling competence, the aluminium scrap (chips, plate cuttings) generated in component production at the German sites is processed into high-quality rolled products at the Ranshofen plant. As a result, material cycles are closed, valuable raw materials and energy are saved and CO2 emissions are reduced accordingly. Amag is thereby making a valuable contribution to achieving the sustainability goals of the aviation industry.

Globally unique value chain 

“We offer our customers in the aerospace industry a globally unique value chain. Through the combination of state-of-the-art machining centres with the sustainable production of the input material based on recycling, we support our customers from the aerospace sector in achieving their sustainability goals. With the current investments in our components business, we are consolidating our position as a strategic supplier to the aerospace industry and lay the foundation for further growth in this area", says Amag CEO Gerald Mayer.

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