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Complete overhaul of 4,000-tonne press

Production line at wheel manufacturer Maxion Wheels is performing reliably again

Schuler Service dismantled the 4,000-tonne press, repaired the individual parts and reassembled them

The aging press at wheel manufacturer Maxion Wheels often overheated, and it was clear to maintenance that things couldn’t go on like this. Schuler Service undertook the task of dismantling the 4,000-tonne press into single parts at the site in Ostrava, Czech Republic, repairing and reassembling it. Today, the line is once again performing reliably.

Repair a great challenge

“Upon disassembling the machine, we uncovered more extensive damage than initially anticipated,” said maintenance manager Zdeněk Hrabal. “While the repair was prompted by overheating, the damage exceeded our expectations, presenting a significant challenge for both Schuler and Maxion. Nonetheless, Schuler’s expertise enabled them to address and rectify the situation.”

Why did Maxion choose Schuler? “Efficiency in the repair process and the assurance of managing it with both speed and quality were pivotal factors,” explained Hrabal, who oversees plant maintenance and investments activities at Maxion Wheels’ Czech plant. “We valued Schuler’s professional approach and meticulous attention to detail. Their seamless collaboration within a multilingual team of English-German-Slovak speakers was commendable.”

Smooth machine start-up

Reflecting on the repair, Hrabal expressed satisfaction: “It marked the smoothest machine start-up following such a substantial overhaul.” The service team comprised experts from Schuler in Slovakia, Germany and the UK. The components were repaired in Schuler’s Erfurt location and later assembled on-site in Ostrava.

Production of steel and aluminium wheels

Maxion Wheels has over 100 years of experience – more or less since the birth of the automobile – in the production of wheel rims. 50m of them leave the 31 locations worldwide every year. Both steel and, since the turn of the millennium, aluminium wheels are produced in Ostrava. The plants, collectively employing about 800 individuals, have a combined capacity of up to 7.5m wheels yearly. Customers include car manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, Ford, PSA and Suzuki, among others.

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