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Green Power debuts all-alectric aluminum truck

Green Power Motor Company has unveiled at the ACT Expo the EV Star Utility, a purpose-built, all-electric, all-aluminum utility stake bed truck.

Green Power’s new EV Star Utility

Green Power is a manufacturer and distributor of purpose-built, all-electric, zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles serving the cargo and delivery market, shuttle and transit space and school bus sectors. The EV Star Utility is built on the company's EV Star Cab & Chassis and is designed for vocational applications such as landscaping, construction, agriculture, public works and more.

Built to maximize vehicle payload, the EV Star Utility features state-of-the-art aluminum materials and electric vehicle (EV) technologies that maximize and lighten the load without compromising structural integrity.

Green Power wants to build efficient vehicles

"With the EV Star Utility, we set out to create an all-electric vehicle that would quickly solve the supply and demand problem for the electric medium and heavy-duty vehicle market, which has traditionally been dominated by gas-guzzling, carbon-emitting vehicles," said Claus Tritt, vice president of medium duty and commercial sales. "At Green Power, we will continue to make vehicles that are cleaner and more efficient while providing our customers with a one-stop shopping, zero-emission solution that reduces operating costs."

Built by Lion Truck Body, the EV Star Utility features a payload of up to 5,740 lbs; more than 14,300 lbs gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR); up to 150 mi of range; and inverted aluminum "T" flooring to ensure a watertight, anti-skid and washable interior. The EV Star platform is a purpose-built, zero-emission cab and chassis with a battery pack of 118 kWh and will charge up to 19.2 kW on a standard Level 2 J1772 protocol or 60 kW using a DC fast charge.

Higher payload and longer range 

The EV Star Utility is the second vehicle application built on the EV Star Cab & Chassis following the EV Star Refrigerated Box Truck, which is designed to allow for more payload and longer range for the transportation of goods that require refrigeration. The EV Star Cab & Chassis accommodates a wide variety of mid and last-mile delivery needs while maintaining the benefits of being a zero-emission vehicle.

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