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SAG's cryo tank system proves itself at the Hydrogen Record Run

Austrian development engineers set technical milestone on the way to zero emissions in truck transport with cryo-tank technology.

1,000 km range and 0% CO2 emissions on the journey across Germany with the fuel cell-powered GenH2 truck from Daimler Truck

Hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future on the road to emission-free mobility. Thanks to its high energy density and short refuelling times, liquid hydrogen in particular is a promising alternative to diesel, and experts assume that it will play an important role in achieving the EU’s climate targets in truck transport in the future.

Record drive with one tank load

Minus 253 °C and high pressure are constantly required to store hydrogen in a liquid aggregate state and make it available as a climate-friendly fuel alternative with maximum energy density. The R&D experts at SAG have succeeded in developing a tank system that meets these extreme requirements. The result is a cryogenic refuelling solution that represents an important building block on the road to climate-friendly truck transport. 

The system meets all technical requirements and has already proven itself several times in practical tests on Daimler Truck’s fuel cell truck GenH2 Truck thanks to its smaller size, lower weight, high reliability and safety. Most recently at the #HydrogenRecordRun across Germany. With a tank load of 2×40 kg hydrogen and a payload of 40 t, a distance of exactly 1,047 km was covered safely and quickly. The record drive was made with sealed tanks and controlled mileage by TÜV Rheinland. This successful long-distance test is another milestone in the development of the SAG cryo tank system.

LH2 cryogenic filling system, made by SAG 

The Salzburg Aluminium Group has set an important milestone in the direction of ‘green mobility’ with the cryo-tank system for LH2 developed in Austria. The system is constructed as a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel tank. A special valve system designed for extremely low temperatures enables safe refuelling and reliable supply of hydrogen to the fuel cell.

The SAG cryo-tank system was used on the GenH2 truck at the #HydrogenRecordRun. “We are very pleased that a range record was set with our LH2 cryogenic tank system in this long-distance test by Daimler Truck. After all, the record is also tangible proof that hydrogen-based drives can be an optimal and climate-friendly solution, especially for long-distance transport applications,” says Johannes Winklhofer, head of the SAG development department.

Promising new business field

Karin Exner-Wöhrer, CEO of SAG, adds: “With the development of the LH2 tank system, we are opening up a new business field for SAG that holds great potential for the future and sets a milestone both in terms of our company’s technological leadership and in terms of environmental protection. With regard to achieving the EU climate targets, the entire supply chain and infrastructure urgently needs to be created.”

SAG is a technology leader in the field of cryo tank systems for LNG and LH2 (liquid natural gas and liquid hydrogen) and a pioneer in the field of rheocasting (special casting process for aluminium components). The export ratio is over 90 %. The turnover of the entire group of companies was around EUR 220m in 2022.

As part of the GreenTech Awards 2022/23, SAG was awarded a special prize as Leading Innovator for the second time. 

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